How To Stop Buying Things And Start Enjoying Life

The thing I worry about most is that instead of people simplifying their lives in order to become more environmentally friendly and socially responsible- instead of consuming less and using less resources- they are buying more stuff- stuff that is supposed to be environmentally friendly.

Not buying something is always better than buying something that is environmentally friendly.

If you buy only what you need you won't clutter your home with junk and you preserve more resources for others.

A tried and true method to stop buying things is to write down all of the things you want to buy before you buy them.

I personally like putting this list in my cart (saved for later) or wish list, but you can also type them up or write them down by hand in a notebook.

Keep the list and then look back over it in a month or two and you will find that many things you wanted to buy you don't want to buy anymore. Therefore you can cross it off/delete it. After a while you will see what you really want/need.

Instead of focusing on shopping, buying and using energy- check out these ideas for the new modern free fun:

1. do someone's hair- brush it, trim it, braid it, put it up, put clips in it, etc.

2. draw or paint a picture - hang it up

3. read a book alone or with someone and discuss it

4. run outside

5. bike to a friend's house

6. play a sport with friends or family

7. play a board game

8. play a party game

9. play an outdoor game

10. pray or meditate

11. brainstorm a problem

12. talk

13. sing

14. make something from materials you have on hand

15. give and receive a massage

16. line dry clothes

17. walk to the library

18. chinese or regular jump-rope

19. put on a play

20. practice an instrument

21. paint toenails

22. organize your closet

23. learn sign language with your spouse so you can communicate in secret

24. play tag

25. hide and go seek

26. race someone

27. make a blanket fort

28. organize your outfits

29. stretch

30. make a card

31. write a short story by hand

32. clean with your family and share a treat after

33. look at photo albums

34. take a walk with someone

35. garden

36. exercise or try gymnastics

37. read outloud

38. walk to a local park and swing or roll/sled down a hill

39. knit

40. learn something or teach something

Any other ideas?

Have fun!

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