Another Reason Why Green Cleaning Is Best: Pinesol Tastes Gross

It started out with a series of unfortunate events...

1. Our housekeeper balked at my suggestion for her to use natural (green)cleaning solutions; such as, baking powder, lemon juice and white distilled vinegar.

2. I tried to put my foot down, but my husband thought I was being ridiculous and went out and bought a bunch of toxic cleaning chemicals and paper towels (at her request) for her to use.

3. A few days ago my son spilled orange juice all over the kitchen table and floor. He wanted to use paper towels, but I insisted that he clean the spill with reusable rags.

4. I walked into the laundry room and grabbed for a clean washrag on a high shelf. The rags were sitting on top of some of the housekeeper's chemical cleaners, one of which was Pinesol.

5. As I grabbed the rag, the Pinesol tipped over. The lid had not been put on tight and it spilled all over, some of it getting in my open mouth.

6. This is a taste you never want to experience. I ran to the sink and tried to spit it out, but it was still all over in my mouth.

7. I ran to look at the bottle and it said: TOXIC! Don't ingest. It said to drink lots of water or milk.

8. I started to drink water, but it seemed like I was just washing more of the toxic Pinesol down my throat.

9. I went to the computer and looked up Pinesol. The search came up: Death by Pinesol in various different versions!

10. I realized that there was nothing that anyone could do. I had the worst taste in my mouth mixed with lots of worry about what this crap was doing to my body.

11. Later, when I brushed my teeth my mouth was sore and swollen everywhere. Everything hurt. Who knows what the long-term effects might be.

12. The housekeeper has been fired (for other reasons as well- not just this). I clean my own house now.

13. Now I am left with a boat-load of toxic cleaning chemicals that I can't just pour down the drain. Any suggestions?

14. Moral of the story: Green Cleaning Is BEST! Toxic stuff is never worth it.


princess said...

I think im gonna try that lemon,vinegar and baking soda..thank you for the share..

Blacksheep said...

Most green things are toxic too. For example, tea tree oil is fantastic for use in disinfectants. It is highly toxic in large quantities (as is pinesol. It is harmless in low quantities.) Cleaning strength vinegar burned my skin more than any Drain-O has. Don't get me wrong...I won't use things like Drain-O but toxic is often labeled as such just in case someone decides to drink the whole bottle.