I Am Going To Carry This List Around With Me To Save The World How About You?

Over- Consumption is Destroying Everything List

1. Is this purchase something I need?

2. Do I already own something that will serve the same purpose?

3. Can I borrow one instead of buying new?

4. Can I make something that will serve the same purpose?

5. Can I buy a used one?

5. Would someone be willing to split the cost and share this with me?

6. Can I buy or commission one made locally?

7. Can I buy one that was made with environmentally responsible materials?

8. Can I buy one that serves more than one purpose?

9. Can I get something human powered instead of gas or electric?

10. Can I compost or recycle it when I’m done with it?

11. What is the impact on the environment of the full life cycle of it?

12. Does the manufacture or disposal of it damage the environment?