Realistic Personal Goals

These Are Things I Want To Say I Do Consistently Right Now

-I usually walk to work, the library and the grocery store (with a large stroller to carry cloth grocery bags)
-I eat vegetarian whenever I go out to dinner. I limit meat at home to 2X per week.
-I buy organic dairy and produce as available, and other organic, earth-friendly products
-I buy organic lotions, shampoos, detergents, deodorants and cleaners
-I cook and bake from scratch with organic ingredients as much as possible
-I try to consume less of everything- food, soaps, detergents
-I wash and reuse plastic bags- I try to limit use
-I buy clothes and other items from a thrift store. I try to steer clear of the mall or department stores unless I need to
-I donate, sell or recycle excess clutter in my house
-I give virtual or consumable gifts (i.e. restaurant certificate, coupon for an activity, tickets to an event, I-tunes gift certificate, etc.)- instead of gifts that will clutter people’s homes
-I grow vegetables and flowers in pots on our deck
-When I do shop, I try to support socially responsible companies.
-I recycle, by separating our food waste from our recyclables.

-I take short showers.

-I switch to CFL light bulbs when my others burnout. I recycle batteries and ink cartridges. I reuse paper and limit printing too much.
-I use rechargeable batteries.
-I turn off the water when I brush my teeth
-I wash my clothes in warm water - I use cold sometimes, but I don't think it gets my clothes very clean. I always rinse in cold. A few of my loads I hang to dry.
-I only blow-dry my hair 1X per week
-We have organic bedding. I felt it was worth the expense.
-I try to stockpile food so I don't need to take more trips to the store
-We stopped buying small boxed cereals. We buy the largest size cereal boxes or bags to reduce waste. I also eat everyday from the large plain oatmeal container.
-We don't buy packaged snacks or meals as much as possible
-I use ceiling fans so I can turn up the thermostat in the summer and try to wear sweaters, so I can turn it down in the winter
-I try to never idle my car
-I never run the dishwasher unless it is full (although my kids don't always)
-I try to make sure we eat all leftovers to reduce food garbage (although my family doesn't always comply-i.e. my four year old)
-I try to keep lights off and use natural sun, I also turn off lights when not in use
-I buy recycled paper products (paper towels, napkins, toilet paper) but try to always use cloth towels and cloth napkins over paper towels
-I try to wear my clothes more than once before washing to reduce laundry
-I just ordered from we'll see how that goes
-We unplugged our extra freezer
-We stopped using bleach and dryer sheets in the laundry
-We save glass jars and store clean water for emergencies
-We have a closet devoted to food storage and emergency supplies
-We use the library, and instead of buying new books
-We focus on the joys of solitude, nature, prayer, social and family visits and activities, reading, downloadable music, exercising, healthy cooking, natural cleaning, gardening, donating (time, money), working, and learning instead of consuming stuff


Sabrina said...

That is an awesome list Jennefer! :-)

Keep up the great work. And I know that others will catch onto your model!

Home Laser Hair Removal said...

Well done.

I can sense (and certainly understand) your frustration with trying to get others to "get on board". Your post about being mindful of these things is especially intriguing and in a way, can be applied to most any change in life.

I like your thoughts on your blog... I look forward to reading more!