Top Green Cars and Why I Love Air Pollution, Don't You (Cough, Cough)?

I live in a big city and oh how I love to breathe in that dirty polluted air....

I mean, who wouldn't (cough, cough)?

It is so worth it to have all of those dirty factories making unnecessary stuff to clutter up people's homes (like my 30th pair of shoes!).

And the traffic. The traffic is GREAT. It totally makes sense.

I mean, I definitely would trade a few years off my life due to the air pollution and accept all of the accumulative affects of climate change for traffic and clutter.

I mean, what a pain to use the subway, bus, ride a bike or walk when I could take my SUV!!

I get to sit in comfy comfort all by myself in my huge castle-like car. It is like being a queen I swear!

It's all for a great cause. My comfort.

I get to relax in a temperature-controlled environment (my cozy car) while I drive across town to buy some awesome shoes on sale, even if it means that the world's future generations have to endure skyrocketing temperatures and mass flooding.

OUCH! What was that for? You are totally rude.

What did you say? Somebody needed to get my attention?

OK... make your point.

My shoes are ugly and I am a selfish what?

OK normally I would be offended by this, like most people, but for purposes of this blog post I will see the light....

I know. You are right. I should care about other people. Climate change will cause a lot of suffering. And the truth is that air pollution really sucks and I hate traffic. I suppose I can take the subway back to return the shoes. But what if I need to take a car sometimes?

So, what you are saying, is that I can still keep a car to use when necessary, but I should make a better choice?

What choice is that?

What? Buy a used Honda CRX, shove a built B18 or fresh K series engine into it, and achieve performance better than a Tesla, with a much MUCH smaller carbon footprint, and all for a fraction of the price?

That is WAY too confusing for me. What about new cars?

New cars are not the best choice because they use up natural resources and a lot of energy to manufacture? However, they often have better safety ratings, so if I want to go new here is the list to choose from?

The List

RankVehicleACEEE Green Score
1.Honda Civic GX57
2.Toyota Prius53
3.Honda Civic Hybrid51
4.Smart fortwo49
5.Toyota Yaris46
6.Nissan Altima Hybrid46
7.MINI Cooper/Clubman45
8.Chevrolet Cobalt XFT/Pontiac G5 XFE45
9.Honda Fit45
10.Chevrolet Aveo/Aveo 544
11.Toyota Camry Hybrid44
12.Kia Rio44

Source: ACEEE's "Green Book: The Environmental Guide to Cars and Trucks"

Cool. OK well maybe I will trade in my SUV for one of these....

but do you promise I will still feel like a QUEEN?

No, but I might feel like a responsible person with a brain?

Wow. Thanks.


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I had a good time reading your blog, Thanks be open to changes. I know sometimes we have to sacrifice somethings to be green, but we advance technology, we could still enjoy our lifestyle without destroying our environment.

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