10 Motivational Ideas To Stay Green

You've been doing great and then...


You need some motivation to stay on track with your new sustainable mind-set.

Here are some things you can do:

1. Consider options in terms of how you could change your behaviors- experiment with different ideas- like walking to the supermarket or biking to the library. Also, make things easy -like having cloth washcloths handy or install lights that turn off on a timer, etc.

2. Find supportive relationships with like-minded friends (in person and online)

3. Identify how you rationalize

4. Focus on the benefits

5. See it as a fun challenge

6. Make your commitment public

7. Slow down your schedule to incorporate sustainable plans and mindful thinking

8. Create a new vision of your life and behaviors

9. Learn from your mistakes

10. Keep a record of your progress- reward yourself in a healthy way

Remember to support others as they support you!

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