Yummy Organic Gardens and Beautiful Shady Trees

Healthy families, healthy food, clean air and water...

This is what sustainable actions will bring- today and in our future.

A key to receiving this abundance is through tree planting and organic gardening.

We can be a part of this solution.

I recently found an awesome deal online- for only a $10 membership donation you can get 10 free trees or have 10 trees planted for you in your name: click here to see.

Planting trees wherever we can is always a good idea. Here is a great website that teaches you how to plant your own trees: Click here.

At the same time, we need to stop supporting deforestation. This means we need to help curtail the demand for products that are reliant on deforestation. We can do this by purchasing recycled paper and cardboard products/packaging as well as recycling our own paper and cardboard. We can also buy wood products made from sustainable wood farms. Some examples are here and here.

Organic gardening equals clean water and healthier food.

The reason that this is true is because conventional gardening/farming uses pesticides that get washed into our water supplies and leave a residue on our food. When we buy from organic farmers this leads to a healthier planet that supports healthy life.

Purchasing organic food is great, but we can go a step further and grow our own organic fruit and vegetable gardens. Here is a great site to teach you how to grow an organic garden: click here.
Short on space? You can grow veggies in pots on your porch or deck: click here to learn more.

Through our combined efforts we can truly make the earth a garden of beauty for us and future generations.

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John at Cell Phone Recycling said...

What a nice photo. If only all the streets are like that, everybody would be enjoying a walk. Less car means less pollution.