Sustainable Action: Help The Poor And Make Yourself Rich

1. I click here ... every day. This is an easy thing that costs nothing, but giving away free food is not enough to change the world. We need to support programs that really get involved with programs that create change.

2. I give away 50% of the money I make to charity. This is the website that inspired me to do it, although I didn't sign up as a member. Before you all think that I am some sort of saint you need to realize that I don't make much money and we don't give away 50% of the money my husband makes. By giving to charities that serve social needs around the world it strengthens the world as a whole and serves to create a sustainable and stable world.

We need to support programs that are making efforts towards universal education and healthcare (especially curbing HIV), stabilizing population in poor countries, encouraging gender equality and eradicating poverty.

Here are the "charities" I have given to recently and recommend: : This site allows anyone to give loans to people in poor countries. The cool thing about this site is that you get your money back.

World Food Programme : Fights Hunger world wide

Childfund : Provides children with education, health care and other needs : We sent a child to school in Guatemala, but there are a lot of things you can choose at this website

Children's Hunger Relief Fund : Helps hurting children around the world.

I also recommend Oxfam International and Unicef

If a child was dying from starvation on your front lawn you would do something, so why would your compassion end simply because the child is residing elsewhere?

We can all make a difference towards a sustainable future by supporting organizations that bring prosperity and stabilization to societies around the world .

When we are contributing to the prosperity of others, helping people who can't help themselves we are truly rich.

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