Water Conservation: I Never Let The Water Run… Except, of course, when the bathtub overflows

Funny how I am trying to conserve water at the same time I am trying to drink more of it!

It is better to use water for something useful (drinking) then to just let it pour down the drain unused.

I always turn off the water when I brush my teeth, but I recently decided to look hard at how most of our water was being wasted.

The culprits: baths, showers and toilet

I used to give my four year old a bath every day. This was largely to shampoo and condition her long, unruly hair. If I skipped a day it would look ratty and she would scream and cry when I tried to comb it out. This was a huge, unnecessary waste of water.

So my solution? I cut her hair to look like Rihanna's. She loves it. She thinks she's a rock star.

Now she needs fewer baths and never cries when I brush her hair.

I was also spending a long time shaving in the shower.

My solution? Laser hair removal. I never have to shave again. It's expensive, but think of the time it saves in just one year of not shaving (not to mention the water it saves)!

Also, one thing I am thinking of getting is a shower timer. It can be a game to see if my kids can get done before the timer goes off.

The next issue is the toilet. It helps to put a small plastic jug filled with water to displace water in your tank, but there is something else you can do...

I really don't want to discuss this on my blog, but here it goes. You don't HAVE TO flush every time you pee. OK I said it...That is up to you and your tolerance level...

On to other, more pleasant subjects.

Other ways we can help:

-use rain barrels at the end of downspouts to water gardens or other needs (i.e. washing car)
-turn off the water when brushing teeth
-don't rinse dishes before the dishwasher and never wash dishes by hand
-use water conserving appliances
-use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions (such as vinegar and lemon juice)
-don't use chemicals

Drinking water.... Oh yes. Isn't it nice to have clean water to drink, wash, etc. ?

Let's keep it that way by using less of it!

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