Recycle For Easy Money: No Matter Where You Live

Everyone should recycle to the extent that is possible in your area....
or else the earth will become deluged with landfill waste (like the picture here (yuck!)).

It is easy to get started. What I did was purchase seperate garbage cans to hold paper/cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic and non-recyclable trash. Then, when they were full I put them in the outside bin designated for recycling. You can even go a step further and recycle food scraps with the help of a composter.

You may not receive money for your efforts, but you will receive those intangible rewards of knowing you did the right thing....

Now we will skip ahead to those who came here because they wanted to learn about THE EASY MONEY....

1. Consign or sell your gently used items. Buying used and donating/selling used items is recycling. You may not have thought about it this way before, but it is. Whenever you sell something that is used at a garage sale, on E-bay or Amazon or your local paper or craigslist or to a pawn shop you are saving the planet.

2. Refurbish old furniture, repair clothes, fix up old cars or other items rather than throwing them out. This doesn't make money, but it will save you money which is almost as good. You can also turn around and sell the item you saved from the landfill. It is also fun to find ways to reuse your trash for something else, such as a large, old box for a playhouse (rather than buying a new one).

3. You can sell used parts, glass, paper, scraps, rubber etc. at

4. This website and also this website explains about some companies that pay you for your used ipod, laptop, ink jet cartridges, boxes, golf balls, gaming console, etc. Check them out!

5. And finally I am going to put in a plug for John at Cell Phone Recycling because he left a comment on my blog and so check out his site HERE and recycle your old phones for money!

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