My Diet: Is It Sustainable?

I try to purchase organic and local food when I can (with my cloth grocery bags of course).

Our grocery store is not well-stocked with sustainable items, and I don't have a local farmers market, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter or Trader Joe's, but I do what I can.

I try to eat/serve less beef, pork and chicken with a preference for turkey.
I wish I could say that I buy locally raised, organic free-range turkey, but they are not available here in Seoul where I live.

So here is my daily diet (yes, I always eat the same thing):

Breakfast: Cherrios + organic flax cereal + local milk + organic cliff bar (energy bar)+ tap water

Lunch: plain oatmeal + local milk + organic and nonorganic fruits + mixed nuts+ tap water

Dinner: turkey bacon, tortilla, organic and local veggies or
spaghetti and peas and local bakery bread or
turkey slices and organic broccoli and rice or
turkey hotdogs and carrots

I have recently eliminated juice in favor of the real fruit (example: oranges instead of orange juice) which is more sustainable. I also try to only drink tap water over bottled water which is also more sustainable. Local bakery bread is more sustainable than organic bread that has been shipped a long way to your grocery store.I am still waiting for an organic spaghetti sauce that actually tastes good. Any suggestions? Also, I am waiting for our grocery store to stock organic rice, oatmeal, nuts and oat cereal. You know what? I just decided that I am going to speak to the manager of our local grocery store about this- maybe I can help things along.

I would also like to incorporate more beans and less meat in my diet- especially black beans, but I need some good recipes that will make my kids like it. hmmm???

So, yes, my diet could be more sustainable... but for now this is where I am.

Someday I will grow my own veggies on my deck. Taking one step at a time.

Meanwhile I think I'll rent the movie Food, Inc. to learn more.

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