Mansions, Boats, Big Cars, Excessive Shopping = Failure

Americans are so rich compared to much of the world. We have so much purchasing power. This power can have long-term hazardous effects.

We need to become educated consumers, switching from linear thinking to systems thinking.

Linear Thinking: I need money to buy a larger TV (or replace this with any purchase).

Systems Thinking: Do I really need a new TV or is my current, smaller one sufficient? Can I recycle my old TV? What energy source will I use? Is that source renewable? Many materials (natural resources) were required to produce it. Are those resources sustainable? Recycled? Recyclable? Is it an energy-efficient model? Does it have energy-efficient settings? Can I recycle it at some point? Where are the materials for this TV being taken from? Who is involved in the making, transporting and distributing of this TV? How are they treated? How far has the parts for this TV traveled?

These are the types of questions a systems thinker asks to make sure the purchase is well-thought out.

To learn more about our current linear system of thought and why it fails - watch this fun video.

My belief:

Success is not a big house, an enormous lawn, a wide-screen TV, the latest technology, a boat, expensive possessions, big cars, huge meals, fancy vacations, and an elaborate wardrobe.

Success is a happy family, clean air and water, nourishing food, time for play and exercise, small, sustainable homes, helping those in need, safe, sustainable and walkable communities, ongoing-learning, connections with people, love, caring, stories, songs, hugs and a beautiful earth for all to enjoy.

Are you a success?

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