Unplugged: 60 Energy-Free Activities

1. Bike somewhere
2. Play any sports
3. Outdoor games (i.e. tag), races
4. Roll in the grass
5. Make a blanket fort
6. Read a book
7. Walk to the library
8. Play an instrument
9. Sing
10. Organize your closets
11. Declutter and clean your house
12. Garden
13. Give a massage (or get one)
14. Brush your teeth
15. Look at photo albums
16. Yoga on a mat
17. Read outloud to a child
18. Draw or color
19. Walk to a thrift store
20. Play dolls or action figures with your child
21. Brush and put sponge rollers or clips in your hair or your child's
22. Play finger games (itsy spider, etc.)
23. Go to the park
24. Write a story or journal
25. Write a poem
26. Do stretches
27. Knit
28. Sew by hand
29. Walk to the gym
30. Make homemade lotions
31. Write a children's book and illustrate it
32. Try origami
33. Get your hair cut or cut your child's hair
34. Play cards
35. Trim and buff your nails
36. Volunteer
37. Help a child with scout activities
38. Donate to good causes
39. Memorize scripture
40. Talk to someone and listen
41. Have a picnic with homemade food
42. Prepare lessons
43. Do exercises with free weights
44. Take the stairs
45. Put on a play
46. Give yourself a honey facial
47. Make a craft and save it for a gift
48. Play hopscotch or chinese jump rope
49. Learn sign language
50. Take a class
51. Explore a new place
52. Play a board game
53. Play party games
54. Do chores (i.e. hang your laundry to dry)
55. Take care of a pet
56. Hold a yard sale
57. Visit someone (walk to their house)
58. Meditate
59. Pray
60. Run outside (do an errand)

Any other ideas?

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